Zodiac in the PlayStation version, is the most powerful summon spell in Final Fantasy Tactics. It costs 99 MP and has a speed of 10. Zodiac is summoned by Elidibs at the bottom of the Deep Dungeon. To learn it, player units must currently be a Summoner and get hit by Zodiac's attack and survive it. The player is asked if he or she would like to learn Zodiac. It is recommended that at least one ally Summoner learns Zodiac from Elidibs. It has a 90% chance of being learned.

When the player challenges the bottom floor of Midlight's Deep again, there is a 25% chance to encounter an enemy Summoner (of random gender) who possesses no Espers and can learn Zodiac from a player unit if he or she survives being hit by the player's Zodiac. The player can then wait for the enemy Summoner to cast Zodiac back on the player's side. The player cannot attempt to Entice that Summoner to join his or her party, because this unit is glitched and does not have the Summoner job in his/her learning ability menu.

In the PlayStation version, upon summoning this Esper the caster may chant, "Attack by the master of commandments! Zodiac!"

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