FFT Black Mage Male Portrait

Wizard is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. The offensive magical Job class wielding Wizard,Wizards are not as common as Priests. Their

FFT Black Mage Female Portrait

magic does heavy damage, and can easily take out many units at once. Their spells do not differentiate between friend and foe, so players using Wizards have to be careful. It takes 8,150 Job Points to master this class. It takes 8,400 JP to master this job in the War of the Lions.

Leveling this job up to level 3 unlocks Time Mage, leveling it up to level 5 with Priest, Time Mage, and Oracle unlocks Arithmetician, while mastering this job as well as KnightSamurai,GeomancerLancer, and Ninja, as well as having the unit get 20 kills (the units must turn into chests or crystals to count as a kill) to unlock Dark Knight.

The Wizards possess the highest magic of any standard jobs.


Reaction Abilities

Support Abilities

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