FFT-Warjilis Trade City
The only merchant city in Lionel, this city developed as a port of transit for trade on the Bugross Sea.

Warjilis Trade City, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is located south of Lionel Castle along the coast. Ramza Beoulve arrives here from the Goug Machine City of Goug after discovering that Cardinal Delacroix is complicit in the actions of Bart Trading Company. He meets Delita Heiral here, and then proceeds toward Lionel. Later in the game, an event at the tavern gives access to Deep Dungeon, the game's bonus dungeon.

No battles take place in Warjilis.

Meeting Delita Edit

Ramza meets his childhood friend in Chapter 2, and Delita tells him to stop fighting and return to  Igros Castle because someday everything will topple over because "the current" can't be seen or be felt. Ramza refuses.

Outfitter Edit

Like the normal cities in Ivalice, Warjilis has an outfitter, or a merchant weapon shop where weapons, capes, or accessories can be bought or sold. The shop sells ninja blades and katana, rods and staves, flails, instruments and books, poles, bags, cloths, shields, hats, clothing and robes, accessories, throwing items and healing items.

Dummied Content Edit

Even though no battle takes place in the city, a battlefield map for the location exists in the game data as dummied content. If the player accesses the map via a cheating device, it is fully playable without glitches.


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