Virgo Stone

Virgo is one of the twelve Zodiac Stones, and one of the seven inhabited by a Lucavi. Chinese Zodiac is a Rooster. Virgo is central to the Lucavi plot, as it is one of the three components required to resurrect Saint Ajora Glabados and with him,Altima, the other two being a suitable human host for the demon and ample


bloodshed. Hashmal, through the War of the Lions, attempts to meet this level of carnage while searching for the right host, which he ultimately finds in Alma Beoulve.

In the desolate ruins of the Airship Graveyard, Hashmal tries to bring Saint Ajora back to life, but realizes the War of the Lions has not contributed quite enough of the requisite blood. After failing to destroy Ramza's party as a sacrifice, Hashmal commits suicide to fulfill his goal. The Lucavi's blood falls down upon the Virgo Stone and a still Alma, and in a blaze of dark energies, Saint Ajora walks the earth anew.

Virgo does have an entry in the game's Artefacts section, but because it is obtained past the point of no return the player can never view it without the help of a cheating program.

Virgo is also a zodiac sign used to determine damage compatibility between characters during battle. Virgo has optimal compatibility with Pisces, good compatibility with Capricorn and sometimes Taurus, and bad compatibility with Sagittarius and Gemini.

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