FFT Thief
FFT Thief Male Portrait

Thief  is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. They are one of the annoyance Jobs, second to Ninja, with the ability to move more Squires than other Jobs and have a high Evasion rate. Their key role is to steal rare equipment off of the enemies. Their ability of theft can be blocked completely by the support ability Safeguard learned from

FFT Thief Female Portrait

the Chemist. To increase the success rate of stealing, the player can simply boost the Thief's Speed, as well equipping abilities such as Concentration or Brawler. For the Charm ability, one needs higher Magick Power to ensure the target will fall for them (the target must be of the opposite sex or a monster) Not very often, but the thief's sometimes can attack the same sex. It takes 4,520 JP to master this job. Some reason the female is bald.

Leveling this job to level 4 will unlock the Lancer, while leveling it to level 5 along with Archer and Geomancer will unlock Ninja.


Reaction Abilities

Support Abilities

Movement Abilities

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