Secret Hunt is a support ability the Thief class learns for 200 JP. It allows the character to poach the remains of slain monsters. Once poached, the player can access Poachers' Dens at trade cities, where the poached objects will be made into items.

Luso's special job class, Game Hunter, has Poach as an innate ability. The player can tame and breed their own monsters and then poach them back in the battle, which is a requirement to poach enemies not normally encountered, such as Wild Boar.

There are two glitches of this skill, one is the Poach Bug which allows player to repetitively poach certain monsters. Another glitch relates to the weapon equipped by the poacher; some weapon randomly bursts the additional offensive magic to the target (for instance, Holy for Holy Lance). If the target monster does not die from the first weapon attack, but rather from the secondary magic effect, the monster will simply be KO'd rather than poached.

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