Samurai is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. A balanced Job in the physical classes, similar to Geomancer. The Samurai has decent stats all round, making it a solid Job. Its action ability, Iaido, has the ability to draw spirits out of the katana to produce effects around the user. Not only the Iaido abilities can deal damage to foes but also recover allies' HP or bestow various statusenhancements. Indeed, the Iaido abilities are able to differentiate friend and foe like summon abilities.

FFT Samurai Male Portrait
FFT Samurai
FFT Samurai Female Portrait

But there is one eighth chance that using the Iaido ability will break the drawn katana. The player only needs the katana in their inventory, not equipped, to use the ability. All Iaido abilities are katana specific as well. Since their power is determined by the user's Magic power rather than physical power, equipping the support ability Arcane Strength learned from Wizard can boost their power. Samurai costs 7,100 JP to master. In Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, the Samurai requires 8,000 JP to master.

Leveling this job to level 8, along with LancerNinja, and Geomancer, along with having 20 kills with the unit (the defeated units must turn into crystals or chests to count as a kill) and mastering Knight and Wizard will unlock the Dark Knight.


Reaction Abilities

Support Abilities

Movement Abilities

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