The home to Grand Duke Barrington, liege lord of Fovoham, this castle is distinguished by its Romandan-style towers.
At the Gate of Riovanes Castle 1

Riovanes Castle  is the stronghold of Duke Gelkanis Barinten in Final Fantasy Tactics.

It is the site of Ramza Beoulve's battle with Wiegraf Falles, who then transforms into Velius The Devil during a Lucavi attack on the castle in whichHashmal goes on a rampage, killing many of the castle's defenders. Barrington himself escapes the carnage, only to be thrown off the roof of his own castle by the Altima Demon Lettiedisguised as a human girl, who was in the service of the Lucavi Angel Of Death, who had possessed Marquis Mesdoram Elmdor of Limberry.

Description Edit

Riovanes Castle is the second place in Final Fantasy Tactics to have Chain battles. Here in this castle, three different chain battles are fought. It is also necessary to build up a stock of items and armor before going into this castle.

Riovanes Castle Artwork

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