T Oracle
FFT Mystic Female Portrait

Oracle (known as Augur in the Japanese artistic materials), is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. A magic-based Job, they inflict status effects with their abilities, specifically negative ones. At the

FFT Mystic Male Portrait

beginning of the spell's animation, a shikigamiappears before inflicting a status. Out of all the magic-based Jobs, they have the best offensive equipment. It costs 5,970 JP to master this Job.

Appearance-wise, oracle is a very Sino-styled class. Its name, Onmyōshi, in the Japanese version means Yin-Yang User, or Taoist in the Chinese language. All of its action abilities are originally written in Kanji (Han character) without exception.

Leveling this job to level 3 unlocks the Mediator, while leveling it to level 4 along with PriestWizard, and Time Mage unlocks Calculator.


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