Murond Death City 1

Murond Death City, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the location of the Graveyard of Airships where Saint Ajora Glabados was buried and as a result is the only location where the Lucavi demon Altima can be resurrected. At one point, Rofel Wodring calls it 'Hell'.

Story Edit

Vormav Tingel, a Templar Knight in the service of the Church of Glabados, had long been possessed by Altima's second-in-command, Hashmal. After gathering all the things he needed to perform the resurrection,Alma Beoulve for use as a host body, the Virgo Stone which was associated with Altima, and the Scriptures of Germonique, which told Vormav how to pass through the portal leading between Orbonne Monastery and the Necrohol, Folmarv traveled to Orbonne with fellow knights Rofel and Kletian Drowa.

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