Home to Cardinal Delacroix, liege lord of Lionel, this castle once belonged to the Holy Empire Yudora.
At the Gate of Lionel Castle 1
Lionel Castle is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. Located in Southern Ivalice, it is the stronghold of Cardinal Delacroix of the corrupt Church of Glabados. It is also the site of Saint Ajora Glabados' capture and of Ramza Beoulve's battle with the Impure King.

Story Edit

Ramza Beoulve arrives at Lionel Castle with Princess OveliaAgrias Oaks, and Mustadio Bunanza to seek his assistance. Delacroix pretends to offer aid and agrees to shelter Ovelia, while Ramza and Mustadio go to the Goug Machine City to search for Mustadio's father. They are unaware that Delacroix is really the Cúchulainn, the Impure of the Lucavi demons. He has Ovelia captured, but Agrias escapes. Meanwhile, Delacroix's hired mercenary Bart Rudvich, acquires a fake of the Taurus Stone, incurring Delacroix's anger. After assigning Goffard Gaffgarion to get rid of Ramza, Delacroix kills Baert.

Ramza attempts to rescue Ovelia from Lionel Castle, unaware that she has already been taken away by Delita Hyral. At the gate, he is attacked by Gaff Gafgarion but defeats and kills him. He makes his way inside to confront the Cardinal, who transforms into Cúchulainn and attacks Ramza. Ramza wins the ensuing battle, killing the demon and landing Ramza an accusation of heresy by the Church of Glabados.
FFT Lionel Castle