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Lancer is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. In the Japanese promotional materials, this class is called Dragon Knight in English. A physically-based Job, Lancers fear no heights since their Jump command lets them reach nearly anywhere on the map, provided they have learned enough Horizontal Jump abilities. They have access to the Ignore Elevation ability, rendering the Jump +# abilities redundant. If the horizontal and vertical Jump 8 abilities are learned, it becomes pointless to get the lesser counterparts for smaller Jump range, except for the sake of mastering the Job. This is because the game allows the player to jump any number of spaces between their character and eight spaces away without the other abilities.

FFT Dragoon Female Portrait

It costs 6,760 JP to master Lancers in the original version, but in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions much more JP is needed to maximize Lancer's jumping ability, requiring 9,150 JP to master.

Leveling Lancers to level 2 with Knight and Monk unlocks Samurai; leveling up to level 4 along with SquireChemistGeomancer,Summoner, and Mediator unlocks Mime; leveling up to level 4 with Geomancer unlocks Dancer for female units; and mastering this job along with Geomancer, Knight, Wizard, Samurai, and Ninja, as well as having 20 kills with the unit (the defeated units must turn into crystals or chests to count as kills), will unlock Dark Knight.


Reaction Abilities

Support Abilities

Movement Abilities

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