FFT Knights
FFT Knight Male Portrait

The Knight is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. They are the first real physical Job a player acquires, with abilities that focus mainly on disabling human characters by lowering their stats or destroying their equipment. The Rend equipment

FFT Knight Female Portrait

abilities will fail against a target who has equipped the support ability Safeguard and will do damage equal to a normal attack if the target does not have the corresponding equipment. It

costs 3,750 JP to master this Job.

Leveling Knight up to level 3 unlocks the Monk, leveling up to level 4 with Lancer and Monk unlocks Samurai. Mastering the job as well as getting the jobs Samurai, NinjaGeomancerWizard, and lancer to level 8, and having 20 kills with the character (meaning the enemy is crystallized or dropped a treasure chest) is needed to unlock the Dark Knight job.

FFT Knight Male Hurt Portrait

While the sprites of knights from the Order of the Northern Sky and the Order of the Southern Sky use almost the same color scheme, they can be distinguished by examining the emblem color on the cape. Blue emblem represents the Northern Sky, and red emblem is of the Southern Sky.

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Reaction Abilities

Support Abilities

FFTiOS Knight Male CG

Male Knight wearing Archer males clothes.