FFT Geomancer
FFT Geomancer Male Portrait

Geomancer is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is also known as Elemental User in the Japanese promotional materials. It is a balanced Job in the physical classes, similar to Samurai, but more defensive. The Geomancer has the action ability Geomancy to bend the earth itself to attack and inflicts an ailment to the targets within a certain

FFT Geomancer Female Portrait

range. It costs 2,870 JP to master this Job.

Leveling Geomancer to level 2 along with Archer and Thief will unlock a Ninja; leveling to level 5 along with SquireChemistSummonerLancer, and Mediator unlocks Mime; while leveling it to level 5 along with Lancer will unlock Dancer for females. Leveling to level 8 along with KnightWizard, Lancer, Ninja, and Samurai, as well as getting 20 kills with the unit (defeated units must turn into chests or crystals to count as a kill), will unlock Dark Knight.


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