White magic that removes negative status effects.
Heavenly wind, carry us to fountain of power! Esuna!
—Upon casting in PlayStation version.

Esuna is a spell learned by the Priest job class. It costs 18 MP to use, cost 300 JP to learn, and has a speed of 34. It removes ailment status from targets within range including Petrify, Blind, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Toad, Poison, Sleep, Immobilize, Disable.

There is another spell, Dispelna (デスペナ, desupena?); mistranslated as "Deathspell 2" in the original version), exclusive to guest-only Job classes Cleric and Princess as a command ability of Holy Magick. Despite its name, this spell has exactly the opposite effect to Dispel in the series. It can remove more ailment status than Esuna, including Petrify, Confusion, Silence, Vampire, Toad, Poison, Stop, Sleep, Immobilize, and Disable from one target.

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