Deep Dungeon is an optional dungeon in Final Fantasy Tactics that serves as Asidequest. Located on an island east of the Warjilis Trade City, it consists of ten levels of caves, each of which consist of an independent battlefield. It is home to the most difficult enemies in the game, and the best treasure through the Treasure Hunter ability. This sidequest is needed to be passed in order to recruit the Byblos.

Deep Dungeon can be unlocked after completing the battles in Murond Holy Place. When the player enters Warjilis again, a scene will play, and then Deep Dungeon appears on the World Map (Ivalice). From the start, only one of the ten levels can be accessed. In order to get deeper, the player must fight a battle, all of which function like random battles with random enemies to face. Simply defeating every enemy on the screen will not work, instead, the player must find a passageway which leads to the next level.

This passage is always hidden in one of five different squares on each floor. To find the exit, a unit needs to step on that square. The Treasure Hunter ability is not required, but equipping it is highly recommended to find rare items. After finding the next passage, the heroes must defeat all enemies on the current level to complete the current battle and unlock the next one.

Every battlefield is completely dark, though the player can see the units and the movement squares. To light the areas, the player must kill enemies to create crystals, which light up the area slightly. When there are five crystals on the ground, the area is completely lit.

The tenth level is special in that it holds a regular storyline battle with the secret Lucavi demon Elidibs. Following that battle, it can be accessed as a normal level like all the others.

The Stages of Deep Dungeon Edit

  • The Crevasse (NOGIAS)
  • The Stair (TERMINATE)
  • The Hollow (DELTA)
  • The Catacombs (VALKYRIES)
  • The Oubliette (MLAPAN)
  • The Palings (TIGER)
  • The Crossing (BRIDGE)
  • The Switchback (VOYAGE)
  • The Interstice (HORROR)
  • Terminus (END)